Events and Programs

Events and Programs 

Firstly we’d like to say a big THANK YOU for taking the time to share your honest and constructive feedback about UniActive. We received over 500 responses within 5 days of opening the survey and are thankful to have such an engaged and vocal community of members.

After such a fantastic response, we owe it to you to share a quick summary of what you told us and more importantly, what will be changing based on your feedback. So here it is……


  • 90% of you think our team members do a fantastic job.
  • 87% of you think the quality of our group exercise programs is Excellent or Good.
  • 90% of you think the quality of our gym equipment is Excellent or Good.
  • 85% of you think the overall quality of facilities is Excellent or Good.
  • 87% of you think the overall maintenance and cleanliness of our facilities is Excellent or Good.
  • 84% of you think our response to COVID-19 has been Excellent or Good.
  • 85% of you are happy with the admin side of your membership (sign-up process, account management, value for money and communications).



  • 52% of you think we need more group exercise classes on the timetable
  • 39% of you think we need more variety in our group exercise classes.
  • 28% of you think we need more gym equipment.
  • 30% of you think we need to increase our opening hours (mostly iC gym and the pool)
  • 31% of you think the online booking system for group exercise classes can be improved.

We also received a total of almost 850 comments in which you offered specific feedback and insights which were extremely valuable in helping us understand your perspective and determine the best way forward.


Group Exercise Program

Our NEW summer timetable commences on Monday November 30 with some exciting changes

  • MORE classes – 15 more to be exact! That’s more than 20% increase on our current timetable, giving you lots more options to choose from.
  • NEW program – Les Mills ShBam is a fun, high energy dance workout. You don’t have to be a groove master to enjoy this class as moves are designed to accommodate everyone, but you do need to be ready to have a laugh and go with the flow. (link to LM promo video).
  • NEW timeslot(s) – we’re introducing 9:35am classes Monday – Friday and Sunday, with some of your favourites including PUMP, CXWORX, BALANCE and RPM. We’ve also created another early morning timeslot and doubled the number of classes available in the 6:35pm timeslot.
  • NEW opening time for online class bookings – class bookings will open up at 6am the day before for all classes. For example, bookings for all classes on Tuesday will open at 6am on Monday. That’s right! No more setting your alarm for 1am to make sure you get into your favourite classes. We’re also exploring options for an alternative software system which will include better capabilities with respect to online bookings, wait-lists and so forth.

Whilst some aspects of what we do at UniActive are very close to ‘business as usual’, COVID-19 restrictions imposed by NSW Health remain in place and have a significant impact on our group fitness timetable. We have reduced capacity in classes and must also allow time to clean equipment in between classes. We understand these measures may impact your experience at times and we hope you understand that we must prioritise the health and wellbeing of members and staff at this time. We will continue to monitor attendance levels, member feedback and government updates closely in order to guide further changes and look forward to the freedoms that further easing of restrictions will allow.

iC Gym Opening Hours

From this week you can access iC gym 24/7! Yes – that includes weekends.
Click here for operating hours

Pool Opening Hours

From the week beginning Monday Nov 30th the pool will be open 9am – 12pm on Sundays.
We’re also opening up for lap swimming 30mins earlier Mon-Fri ie) swim from 7:30am onwards.
Click here for more info 

More Good News!!

  • We know the air conditioning is not up to scratch at the moment in the cardio and FMT areas of our Wollongong gym. As you may know from our member newsletter and from your own observations in the gym, works have commenced to replace several units. There is a minor delay associated with this while we await delivery of the new external units. Stage 2 work will now commence on Monday the 21st of December. Thanks for your patience – not long to go now! 
  • From Saturday Feb 13th 2021 (the date from which paid parking resumes across campus), current UniActive members will be entitled to 2hrs FREE parking in P6 (Sports Hub car park).
  • From Monday Nov 30th we’ll be making routine announcements over our PA system reminding all members to remain vigilant and adhere to our cleaning & hygiene expectations (cleaning equipment, cleaning hands, social distancing and use of a towel) in order to maintain a COVID-Safe environment for everyone.
  • We’ll be making some minor modifications to the strength training area in Jan/Feb, including some new equipment. More details on this coming soon!

Once again, thank you to all who completed the survey.

We realise that these changes won’t address everything for everyone, but we hope you’ll agree they demonstrate the value we place on your feedback and our commitment to ongoing improvement.


Last reviewed: 24 November, 2020