Want to improve your strength gains in the Deadlift, Squat and Bench Press and win some cool prizes along the way?

This Challenge is all about improving YOU!

We have an 8 Week Strength Focused program for our UniActive members! If you are looking to make improvements in your strength then this program is for you!

Program Cost: $49

You’ll receive the following:

  • Pre and Post Strength Assessments – We will be using a 5RM Deadlift; Bench Press and Squat using the Wilks Formula to determine improvements relative to gender and weight.
  • Pre and Post Evolt Body Scan – You can see increases in Skeletal muscle mass and other body metrics
  • 1 x Personalised Program delivered via the UniActive App
  • Weekly Check in’s from our Strength Coaches
  • Weekly Coaching sessions where you’ll have access to our Coaches to assist you in your program, check technique, provide spotting and opportunity to seek feedback on your training.
  • Strength Training Tips and Hints Seminar – learn from one of our Strength Training coaches about the various methods of training; how to fuel properly and recovery methods.
  • Access to UniActive Strength Challenge Facebook Group so you can ask us questions, whenever you need!


1st Male & Female –$250 cash Sponsored by Nutrition Warehouse Fairy Meadow + 3mth GOLD PASS

2nd Male & Female – 1mth Gold Pass + Nutrition Warehouse Pack

3rd Place – $50 DUCKS BUCKS (available at food and beverage outlets at UOW Campus)



Supervised Strength training sessions

The emphasis of these, is the Coach will be there assisting you with your Personalised Program. They can offer spotting and guidance and make changes where necessary to form/technique and your program.

Tuesdays: 7am-8am; 6.30-7.30pm

Thursdays: 7am-8am; 6.30-7.30pm

Fridays: 4-5pm

Saturdays: 9.15am -10.15am; 2-3pm

Sundays: 9.15-10.15am

*In addition, you can attend our Strength focused GX classes if on a Gold Pass (FMT Strength; RigStrength are highly recommended)



Winners will be determined as the most improved from pre and post testing *

  1. You’ll be tested on a 5RM (how much you can lift for 5 repetitions) on the Squat; Deadlift and Bench Press and using the Wilks Formula this will enable you to be compared against people of various weights and gender. See this link for more information on the Wilks Formula https://powerliftingaustralia.com/wilks-formula/


The total of your three (3) lifts (in kgs) will be added together at pre and post assessment and the total difference in “Wilks” points will be determined.


You are awarded 2 points for every point increase eg.

Your Wilks Formula was 234.06

Your Post Wilks Formula was 203.22

= 30.84 difference x 2

= 61.68

You’ll have your Body Metrics tested using the EVOLT Body Composition machine, and you’ll be awarded points for increases in your skeletal muscle mass (kg) relative to your body weight based on percentage increase. Eg

Your SMM was 26.8kg and you weigh 65kg (41.2%)

Your SMM was 28.4kg and you weigh 65.9kg (43.1%)

Your SMM % increase = 1.9 %

You are awarded 2 points every 0.1% increase = 38 points

TOTAL – 99.68


Terms and Conditions

  1. All participants must register via EventBrite and pay $49.00 + booking fee
  2. All fees are refundable up until 11th September 2023. Please contact clairef@uow.edu should you not be able to complete the program
  3. All participants will have to attend a Group Testing Session in the first week of the Program 11th Sept – 17th September) and again in Week 8 (30th Oct – 5th November)  to determine your 5RM on the Deadlift; Squat and Bench press.
  4. All participants must do an Evolt Scan during the week (11th September – 17th September) and again in Week 8 (30th Oct – 5th Nov), to provide accurate and timely results
  5. All participants are encouraged to book in for a 60min Personalised program. This is not compulsory but highly recommended.
  6. 5RM testing will require you to provide your BEST EFFORT for 5 repetitions of each lift. Coaches will determine your end result and score based on your proper technique for both pre and post testing.
  7. All Coaching sessions will be posted in the Facebook Group – UniActive 8 Week Strength Challenge” along with hints, tips and other opportunities to liase with Coaches and other members
  8. Challenge winners will be determined from results from both the Improvements in Wilks Formula and Skeletal Muscle Mass (Evolt scan). UniActive reserves the right to determine the outright Prize winners.
  9. In the case of any “tied” results, judges will take into account other aspects to the Challenge including attendance to classes, attendance at the gym and other feedback from Coaches. The final decision lies with UniActive Judges.
  10. Challenge winners will be announced Wednesday 8th November 2023 and Prizes awarded at a nominated Award Giving session.