Unlock your fitness journey with a FREE Fitness Consultation at UniActive! Our tailored sessions cater to all UniActive and Fitness Passport holders, ensuring a personalised experience for every member.

60-Minute Comprehensive Fitness Consultation: For gym beginners or those unfamiliar with equipment, our expert trainers provide a thorough 60-minute session. It includes a gym tour, Evolt Body scan, goal-setting discussion, personalised group exercise recommendations, a suggested training program walkthrough, and follow-up suggestions for other health and fitness services.

30-Minute Personalised Fitness Touch-Base: Optimise your gym experience with a 30-minute session aimed at assessing progress and maximising your membership benefits. Featuring an Evolt Body scan, goal-setting discussion, personalised group exercise recommendations, and a customised program template.

15-Minute Progress Tracking for Experienced Gym Users: For seasoned gym-goers, our quick 15-minute consultation focuses on progress tracking through a body composition scan and analysis. Includes an Evolt scan and interpretation, scheduling the next scan in 8 weeks, and discussions on training challenges and additional fitness services.

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Members who just need a little helping hand in following a set program in the gym, the 60min Personalised Program includes:

  • Evolt Scan
  • Goal Setting
  • Personalised Gym Program designed to get to you to your goals sooner!   – accessible to you via the UniActive app

Cost: $49.00


Master your movement! MAS is here to assist clients to achieve their health and fitness goals by providing specialised sessions that encourage clients to become the best version of themselves.

Personal Training Intro Pack

  • 2x 45 minute sessions
  • EVOLT body scan
  • Postural assessment
  • Fitness testing

Online Coaching

  • 4 custom sessions per week
  • Weekly 15 minute consult
  • Access to a trainer
  • Progress tracker app

1-on-1 Personal Training

Group Personal Training

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Alex Woods has been a Personal Trainer for 5 years, and is also a yoga and meditation teacher. Her passion lies with supportive training for her clients, for both he body and the mind.

She believes that good health is more than just a couple of sessions in a gym, or the odd yoga class. Humans are complex and her work is attending to the person, with a holistic approach.

We must move the body (strength train and cardio), slow down the mind, make good decisions about what we consume and connect wherever possible with others and ourselves.

Alex’s PT sessions are personalised, goal driven and adaptive to where you are at both in your fitness journey and on any given day. Her meditation and yoga training will provide you with the skills to train your all powerful mind and overcome any difficulties so you can develop your own meditation practice.

Enquire with Alex today alex@risingsunholistichealth.com.au or contact her on 0420 391 234

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