Elite Athletes: Programs and Scholarships

UOW has a proud history of elite sporting performance, with many student athletes overcoming study commitments, financial hardship and travelling distance … all to pursue their dreamsIn the 60’s UOW teams were badged (reluctantly) as UNSW, and many of our larger clubs began. In the 70’s Teachers-Uni Rugby boasted 2 Wallabies, John Lambie (http://www.aru.com.au/wallabies/TheTeam/HistoricalWallabiesPlayerProfile.aspx?pid=784) and Peter Rowles,http://www.aru.com.au/wallabies/TheTeam/HistoricalWallabiesPlayerProfile.aspx?pid=1108 in the day when a student could play locally one week, and for the Wallabies the next. 1975 saw the first UOW teams attend various intervarsities, and the 80’s and 90’s saw our first known Olympians, and the beginning of the NAB-UOW Sporting Scholarships in 1992. Martin Harland, Sue Hobson, Michellie Jones, (all UOW graduates), began a tradition of Olympic representation which continues into 2016. Current student and NAB sports scholarship holder Jessica Thornton, along with former students and scholarship holders David and Emma McKeon, all became Olympians in Rio.

UOW has an equally impressive history of representation at World University level, with medals in a variety of sports across 2 decades.

The NAB-UOW Sporting Scholarships continue to this day, supporting student athletes in the pursuit of excellence. UOW remains a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network (EAFU), doing what we can to support student athletes and their pursuit of excellence, on and off the field.

UOW – Part of the Elite Athlete Education Network

The Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN) program is an initiative of the Australian Sports Commission that allows Australia's elite athletes to achieve academic excellence while also pursuing a sporting career. The value of combining both sport and higher education to achieve greater life success is well recognised across the university and sporting sectors.

There are currently over 50 elite athletes studying at the University who are engaged nationally and internationally in a broad range of sports including hockey, athletics, cycling, Oztag, basketball etc.

A range of supports are available to registered elite athletes including the opportunity to apply for $30,000 of scholarships offered through the University, sponsored by the NAB. This sponsorship began in 1987, and is one of the longest running programs of it’s type.

Who is eligible? 

For the purpose of this scheme, an elite athlete is defined as someone who competes nationally or internationally in a sport approved by the University of Wollongong and the AIS. You must be identified and recognised by one of the following organisations as an 'elite athlete', or by UOW: 

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State institutes or academies of sport (e.g. SASI) 
  • AFL Player's Association
  • Australian Cricketers' Association
  • Rugby Union Players' Association
  • Rugby League Professional's Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers' Association 

Or be a national senior squad member or compete at a national senior level of an eligible sport. Eligible categories of sport are as listed as 'funded sports' at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Elite Athlete Program  

Sponsored by the Faculty of Business and Law

If you take part in high-level sporting activities, you might be eligible for UOW’s Elite Athlete Program. We are committed to help you perform to your best ability academically whilst studying with the UOW, and at the same time performing as an Elite Athlete in your chosen sport.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about the EAP or the application process please do not hesitate to register your interest or contact the Elite Athlete Program Manager directly on tarynmc@uow.edu.au

UOW SPORTS Scholarships  

Each year the University of Wollongong offers a number of sports scholarships to current and prospective UOW students. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding sporting achievement and solid academic performance. The scholarships are assessed on sporting and academic merit and candidates from all sporting disciplines are encouraged to apply. 
The scholarships offer financial support through sponsorship from the National Australia Bank.
In addition, scholarship holders are granted training support through the use of the university UniActive facilities. Scholarship holders must contribute to the development of sport at UOW through participation in UOW Sports Clubs and UOW Representative Sports Teams.  

UOW Scholarships 

Last reviewed: 16 March, 2021