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Are you sick of training at home or going for a run? Missing the motivation that comes with face-to-face training in a group environment? We’re super excited to launch our new small group, face-to-face outdoor training.

UniActive OUTDOOR offers you 4 separate programs, each with a slightly different flavour, so there is something for everyone.

OUTDOOR CROSSTRAIN – If you’re after variety, and achieving the balance of cardio, strength and core – then CROSSTRAIN you see you tick all three boxes!. Enjoy sessions that mix it up and give you a full body workout! (Intensity – medium; Complexity – low)

OUTDOOR CARDIOCORE – Have you ever been told to “work on your core” – but don’t want to lose out on the sweat and endorphin rush of your cardio session? This session will combine running, cardio sets, agility, plyometric and pilates focused exercises. CardioCore will allow you to feel like you’ve had a solid workout, and ensure you’ve done those integral exercises that will assist in improved cardio fitness, core stability and injury prevention. (Intensity – medium; Complexity – medium)

OUTDOOR ULTIMATE – Ultimate sessions are for those that are missing the gym, and want to get back to some structured weight lifting sets. These sessions will centre around WOD’s – with your Trainer there to push you to your limits and challenge you in a variety of exercises! This class does require some basic lifting skills and experience and an attitude to work hard! (Intensity – high; Complexity – medium)

OUTDOOR SENIORS – This class is targeted to those aged over 55, with our Instructors able to deliver a tailored class that is safe, fun and social and improve all aspects of your health and fitness. (Intensity – low; Complexity – low


Members and non-members welcome. Programs will be tailored to suit all fitness levels, allowing everyone from beginners to more advanced to work at their own pace and intensity. Minimum age is 16 yrs.

You can join UniActive OUTDOOR sessions with one of the following payment options.

$29.95 per week for UNLIMITED ACCESS to all sessions
$24.95 per week for any 2 sessions
$149 for a 10-visit pass (valid 6 months)


For more inform email us at

We can’t wait to see you back training with us.

NB: All sessions will have a maximum of 9 participants and 1 Trainer. Strict adherence to social distancing and sanitation standards will be maintained. Personal towels and drink bottles are mandatory for all sessions.

Last reviewed: 29 May, 2020