2017 Results

2017 winners

Thank you to all participants of the 2017 New You Challenge! Over 160 people took on the challenge this year and there were some fantastic results!
New You Winners


WINNERS: Conna Sheedy and Andriana Babic

Conna lost an impressive 47% of his starting Body Fat Mass and while also gaining almost 3% on top of his initial Skeletal Muscle Mass. Andriana lost an amazing 11.6kg of body fat which was over 55% of her starting Body Fat Mass. Andriana's Skeletal Muscle Mass actually reduced by a very small amount however her high body fat mass loss put her at the top of the scores!

Conna and Andriana have each won $1000 with thanks from our major prize sponsor Peoplecare. They will also receive a 12 month UniActive membership and a prize pack from Nutrition Warehouse Fairy Meadow.

(Andriana's mother accept the prize attended the presentation on her behalf)



WINNER: Alison Giobbi
alison's Winning Entry 

I began” NEW YOU” to keep me on track with my health and fitness. May 2017 I weighed 80kg I have lost 10kg I am a comfortable 69kg. Adopting a healthy eating plan, weights, cardio and pool sessions were key to achieving amazing results. Suffering Chronic Arthritis and Chronic Imlfammatory Demylienating Polyneuropathy, a mouthful right, in layman’s terms TOTALLY ANNOYING!!! Muscle wastage in my calves, butt and feet have affected my ability to build muscle and gain strength.

Choosing to eat whole foods and eliminating sugar, Oh those headaches were not nice, has enabled me to manage the inflammation in my body and function well on a day to day level. Walking and balance is a challenge, my weight regime has proved very beneficial in building muscle whilst relatively slower than most it is happening! My ability to walk has improved and muscle imbalances in my body have evened out somewhat.

I love the weight machines at the gym that encourage individual movement of two limbs as one side of my body is much weaker than the other. “NEW YOU” for me has helped me to achieve a healthy ATTITUDE and HABITS that are now part of my weekly routine. I have gained knowledge, energy and strength that will take me into the great outdoors to Mountain bike the Queenstown slopes in January with my 3 sons and hubby. Thanks NEW YOU for the journey.



Winner: Jenny Norman

Jenny and her team have started hiking Mount Keira twice a week rather than eating lunch at their desks - amazing!

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Last reviewed: 27 October, 2017